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This expanded and revised third edition is a complete, hands-on guidebook that shares all the secrets and shortcuts of conducting efficient research on the Internet.

It now also includes a comprehensive, plain-English glossary of technology-related terms.

Since 1999, the authors of this book have trained thousands of people to use the Internet more efficiently in their businesses. In hundreds of custom-designed seminars for companies, law firms, and bar associations they have helped these professionals learn about the latest online research resources.

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Carole Levitt, JD, MLS
Mark Rosch

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"The Lawyer's Guide to Fact Finding on the Internet"

This 800-page book shows how to tap into Internet sites useful for investigations, depositions, trial preparation and presentations and more.



"This is the ultimate Guidebook for any lawyer who depends on the Internet for factual research in his or her practice."

Alabama Bar Addendum

This is a book that all practitioners should have in their offices. It should be required reading for all staff regardless of their position in the firm.

Massachussetts State Bar Bulletin

"'The Lawyer's Guide to Fact Finding on the Internet' sets a new standard in Internet legal research books. ... The genius of this book is how easy it is to use."

Wisconsin Lawyer magazine

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